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Providence Baptist Church

Established 1835

Providence Baptist Church before the devastating fire in 1950.


In the early 1890's, some of the women of Providence Baptist saw a need for a silver communion set to be used for the Lord's Supper observance. Mrs. Lula Young organized a fundraiser that would have the ladies create a tablecloth. Using this unique fundraiser, they were able to raise enough funds to purchase the silver communion set. It is said that for ten cents, a member could have his/her name embroidered on the table cloth. The tablecloth is now over 100 years olds and now hangs in our fellowship hall. 

The oldest records of Providence Baptist Church suggest that the church began in 1835 when a few families from the Welcome Community came together for worship services. The church was founded upon historical Baptist doctrines and has faithfully maintained these biblical principles to this day. 

In 1950 Providence Baptist Church suffered a devastating fire. The church was later rebuilt using brick. In the fall of 1950, the church had gas heat installed and after using the church for one Sunday, the church went up in flames again. The church was rebuilt and the first service in the building that we worship in today was held on June 8, 1952.

A magnificent carving of The Lord's Supper donated by Mr. Joe Crain, in honor of his father and mother hangs in the fellowship hall.