November 27, 2019

“Again I say” to you, that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in Heaven.

Matthew 18:19

“Who’s Your One?’

Our Service Personal

Lance Roberts                                   

Linda Summers
Ryan, Jessica, Addisyn & Wyatt Frost

Blake & Morgan O'Neal                      

Warren & Mary Fay 

Katlian Hester 

Kendall Hopson
Jessica Jennings


Linda Summers

Warren and Mary Faye Moore

Dr. Wes Smith

S.B.C. America

S.B.C. International

Our Shut-In's

Dr. Billy Burks

Wilmer and Louise Smith

Louise Dingler

Sue Mills and Woody

Pam Warnock

Linda Yarbrough

Betty Spates

Phyllis Blue

Betty Guthrie

Martha Cowap

Our Staff

Pastor Ken

Bill McKenzie

​Glenn Cooper

Jill Elder

​Karen Smith

Ronnie Boyt

Andy Denny

Nikki Woolley

Ashley Johnston


Prayer List


                          Other Requests

Tommy Bridges                         Searcy Jackson

Nancy Johnson                          Hamp & Katherine Burnham

Anne Milner                              Unspoken    

April, Ivy Fowler & family           Lynn Sheppard

Phillip Yarbrough                       Our nation & President

Betty Stanford                          John & Josie Hite

Monroe & Joyce McKoy              Kenneth Hite

Sue Bean                                    Joanne Lazenby

Bruce & Linda Johnston             Trevor Duncan      

Charlotte Cole                          Adam Burnham

Melvin Cash                               Jim Boynton          

Jackie Murphy                          Clark Spence (Vivian’s son)

Betty Boyt                                Kay Hogan

Betty Spates                            Paul Allen

Kenneth & Pauline Duncan       

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