august 7, 2019

“Again I say” to you, that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in Heaven.

Matthew 18:19

“Who’s Your One?’

Our Service Personal

Ryan, Jessica and Addisyn, Wyatt Frost

Blake and Morgan O'Neal

Lance Roberts


Linda Summers

Warren and Mary Faye Moore

Dr. Wes Smith

S.B.C. America

S.B.C. International

Our Shut-In's

Dr. Billy Burks

Wilmer and Louise Smith

Louise Dingler

Sue Mills and Woody

Pam Warnock

Linda Yarbrough

Betty Spates

Phyllis Blue

Our Staff

Pastor Ken

Bill McKenzie

​Glenn Cooper

Jill Elder

​Karen Smith

Ronnie Boyt

Nikki Woolley


Prayer List


Other Request

Searcy & Nell Jackson
Nancy Johnson

Hamp Burnham
Anne Milner

Bonnie Boswell

Katherine Burnham
April Fowler & baby

Joel Crawford
Dr. Billy Burks

Our nation & President
Gary King

John & Josie Hite
Monroe & Joyce McKoy

Miriam Harris
Elizabeth Williams

Charles & Eunice Jackson
Stephanie Nation
Lynn Sheppard
Frank Crook
Patricia McKitchens
Paul Bradley
Rodney Toney
H. Daniell
Doris Jackson
Austin Brown
Christian Werner
Doris Jackso